Living Waters Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico


The name, Living Waters Institute, originated when the rains returned to northern New Mexico after many years of drought, and the deadened land sprang to life transformed in an explosion of flowers and grasses not seen for many years.

2017 SUMMER Offerings From Living Waters

Who we are:

LWI is a collaborative of like-minded practitioners dedicated to offering a full range of personal, professional, organizational and community services. All of our services are experientially-based and geared toward supporting/restoring the inherent creativity, resourcefulness and resilience of each individual, group and community.

Services include:

  • experiential therapies
  • experiential personal growth groups
  • professional training in groupwork, psychodrama and action methods
  • individual and group consultation
  • organizational consulting
  • crisis response and debriefing

Psychodrama and Action Methods

PDAM enables us to make our inner as well as our outer world concrete and external. Through this embodied process of interacting with our ‘concretized’ world of experience, we are able to aide one another to see, explore and make meaning of the deeper ‘stories’ of our lives. As these stories are revealed, we can begin to unravel and ‘narrate’ how they have shaped our experience and perception of ourselves, the world, our choices and our relationships. Through experiential action processes which maximize cooperation and mutual aide, we can  differentiate storylines and work through unresolved parts of our history in order to free ourselves and our energy from places where we have remained frozen in the past. Research has proven conclusively that through experiential practice such as psychodrama, we can cultivate greater emotional and social and spiritual intelligence and change our perception and relationship to ourselves, to others and to life. We can cultivate the ability to choose new pathways of being in the world.

This lineage of experiential methods was founded almost a century ago in Vienna by Jacob Levy Moreno, MD.  Dr. Moreno  believed that “a truly therapeutic method should have as it’s aim nothing less than the healing of all mankind”.  For Moreno, the healing of the individual and the healing of the group or society were interdependent. In psychodrama, we recognize that the work of one benefits all. We heal with and through one another, transforming the world within ourselves, together.




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